The Liquidator: 5-Star Review

The Liquidator has earned a 5-star review and a 2018 Award nomination at Reader’s Favorite.

“Tight writing, realistic underpinnings of the plot, compelling characters, an exciting setting in the future are just a few of the many elements that readers will enjoy in this spellbinding science fiction story with a gripping and well-managed conflict. In The Liquidator (Double Helix) by R. Patricia Wayne, the reader is thrust into the year 2255, 200 years after a cataclysm almost destroyed the entire human race. New Seattle is slowly emerging as the lone survivor of the evil that had left the world devastated, but it has serious problems threatening its existence and growth. Humans are subjugated to the rule of machines, in fact, they are slaves, and anyone who advocates dissent is ruthlessly eliminated by the squad team called The Liquidators. Things could change with the release of Lucy Savage, a powerful character just out of the cryo-penitentiary. Will she be the hope for a future humanity?”

“Here is a book to read if you’re looking for sci-fi that is character-driven and masterfully written. The story opens with a compelling speech from the protagonist, Lucy Savage, a case against the powers that be. The writing is excellent and it is filled with vivid images; the narrative is action-packed and emotionally intense. Excellent and compelling dialogues are mixed with exceptional descriptive prose to delight readers. The novel reads like a prophecy of where humanity could be headed if we don’t go back to the traditional values that have protected what is most essential in humanity. The conflict is introduced from the very beginning of the story and it escalates pretty fast. The climax is dizzying and utterly satisfying. You can imagine the feeling of completing a book and holding it in your hands for some time, sad to part with it in the end. Such is the feeling you get after turning the last page of The Liquidator (Double Helix) by R. Patricia Wayne.”

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