Aftermath (Book II)

355 years after Sister Eryn Hill accidentally created the temporal vortex known as "the tempest" (Book I)m she reappears at the edge of the galaxy on a small desert planet called Sigma XII.

During her search to find food, water, and a way home, Eryn meets a mysterious woman in a red cloak, a cyborg, a young girl from Earth's past, a Russian from a secret colony on one of Jupiter's moons, a dog who seems to know her, and a woman who insists she and Eryn were married. But, not all of these people are what they seem.

With seemingly no way to return home, Eryn must survive in an inhospitable environment while battling creatures from the past, present, and future. She finds herself hunted by dinosaurs, insect-like creatures, an invasion by creatures that threaten to consume the planet, and a race who have mastered time travel.

The fate of trillions of lifeforms rests on the decisions Eryn makes. And only she can set things right.

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