Lore – Tempest

The Black Shuttle

Terraforming on Mars

Vestalis Numina

Poseidon’s Cathedra


The Red Sun Diner

The Palace Pool

Magister Rachel Jameson

Legal System of Mars

The Onna Doushi Club

Dr. James Corzo


The Archons

The Sakari


Arbiter Jennefer Seaton

Technology and Space

Magister Tiberius

Sasha Munroe

Healthcare and Food

Genetics and Reproduction

The Senate Building

Dr. Kathryne Akura

The Hotel Babylon

Dr. Brooke Davidson

The Cave

The Sakari Camp

The Sun Room


The Syndicate

Senator Isadora

The Colony of Delphi

The Colony of Nysa

Sister Alyssa Thorne

Neeka and Tanya Romanov

Yvette Porter

Finance and the Economy

Sister Rebeccah Sheppard

Director Michelle Rayner

The Colony of Hesperides

The Colony of Scythia

Sister Claire Navarro

Sister Karyn Price

The Palace Gardens

Dr. Janis Webb

Ivan the Terrible



The Government of Mars

The Eugenics War

Commander Graves

The Colony of Elysia

The M.S.E.V Athena

The Colony of Achaea

Marshall Petra Hollander

Mitra Cole

Earth: Crash Site 2

Earth: Crash Site 1

The Archive

Captain Sarrah Rhodes

Chancellor Janna

Lexxi Rayne

Corporal Katee Alexander

The Colony of Arcadia

Princess Aura


The Vanguard

Marshall Monika Black

Sister Eryn Hill


Ginger Frey

Vanessa Blackwood

Time and Timekeeping

The Rangers

The Justicer

The Protectorate

Senator Isadora’s Villa

The Colonies of Mars

The Armageddon